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COR Spine

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We'll get to the COR of your case.

Comprehensive, Compassionate, Care with

Optimized, Outcomes, Originating from

Rehabilitation & Resulting in max Recovery

COR: The Latin word for the heart. Some clinics have it, some don’t. Some big centers lose it along the way. We’re here to make sure that at the root of your care, the COR, is caring. Compassion and listening are at the heart of what we do. We'll always start there, because together the solutions come easier, better, and maintain for your longer journey of true recovery that lies ahead. We’re happy you’re here, and we'll be here for you.

Practicing in Northern Nevada since 1997, Dr. Bruce Witmer's philosophy is there should be no agenda in medicine, only help. If you feel like your diagnosis or treatment is unexplained, or a procedure feels pressured, it’s worth digging deeper.


At COR Spine it’s okay to ask questions and be an active participant on your path to recovery.  We’ll focus on your case individually, retrace your injury or aggravation, then map a course that’s right for you. 

We utilize the most cutting edge and novel medical device in recent history. It’s called the ear. It’s used for listening. It conveniently connects wirelessly to the mind. This system, when used correctly, allows for listening and reasoning, which we believe, are the foundation for care and recovery. We strive to hear you, and thereby help you, every step of the way.


The first step is understanding the origin, the core causes of your symptoms. Then we can chart a course that works for you, your lifestyle and your goals. Sometimes the medical system and big medical practices push the latest procedure or newest device, rather than listening and truly caring about your concerns and needs.


Your best care starts with learning about your condition, understanding the steps in controlling the triggers, and conservatively implementing the right plan for your current case. Bypassing these steps for an unnecessary or trendy procedure only sets back the onset of your true healing.


If certain steps or procedures become necessary, they are best implemented as a part of the broader and thoroughly thought out plan. Our COR Spine staff are here for you as we work together to optimize your healing and recovery.

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