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COR Spine and Pain Center exam room

COR Spine & Pain Center Services

COR Spine provides same day, on-site spine and joint imaging, and nerve diagnostic testing.  We prioritize immediate diagnosis and day-one, precision targeted treatment at the source.  After your first visit you can have pain relief from pinched or pressured nerves, which can often be the most painful experience you have encountered.

So many other treatment facilities only have the resources to treat symptoms.  We have the diagnostic tools, experience and knowledge to identify the true source of your chronic pain. Using cutting edge clinical and X-ray guided treatments, you can be assured of the quickest and optimal results.

You can expect to receive quick, personalized access and timely follow-ups, unparalleled in our current medical system.

During your first visit you can expect complete coordination for all aspects of your care.  Your visit includes access to appropriate medical imaging, discussions about recommended therapy programs, treatment for your chronic pain, prescriptions orders sent directly to your pharmacy and timely follow-up visits.  All of your pain management care conveniently located within a single office!

You are considered an active partner with our pain relief team, which means you have 24-hour access to our experienced advice and support between your scheduled visits.  Our goals at COR Spine are to provide you with more continuity and support, backed by unparalleled experience, than you have experienced previously from other providers.  We are committed to your support and recovery.

On-site Spine & Joint Imaging

Our imaging systems are the latest, highest quality available, digital systems, which means your spine or joint imaging is done immediately on-site. Certified X-ray machines and our highly trained technicians are available for your very first visit.  You can expect to see and receive explanations of your images within minutes.

Injection Technology

COR Spine’s injection technology uses state of the art X-ray guidance, and a certified, in-room technician. Our fluoroscope, or C-arm, is located within our office, which provides you the benefit of immediate access and the most accurate approach to your pain management.

Therapy Referral

Our integrative approach to pain control care goes beyond medications and injections.  Sometimes our bodies need some help remembering how to move or needs to build strength.  Physical therapy is an integral component to help relieve chronic pain.

Mindfulness Program & Assessment

Sometimes your body needs to unlearn responses associated with pain. Through a customized guided meditation program the use of pain medication can be reduced by 14% in 5-weeks.  Program assessments, following your meditations, are used By Dr. Bruce Witmer and his team to create an integrative pain control plan that help reduce medication dosages.

Nerve Diagnostic Testing

If a pinched nerve is suspected, you benefit from Dr. Witmer’s more than 20 years’ experience.  Utilizing the most accurate and advanced testing methods and devices, our pain doctor uncovers the pinched nerve or source of the pain through electrodiagnostic, which helps guide an accurate treatment plan.

We offer the experience and compassion to do the most focused and comfortable studies possible. In this arena, expertise pays, and nowhere else can tout more than at COR Spine & Pain Center.

This is unparalleled in Northern Nevada, where non-medically trained technicians are often performing the tests rather than a medical doctor. You’ve come to the right place for experience and caring!

Medication Review & Prescribing

Each visit your current medications are reviewed to ensure the best possible solution is being used for your pain management.​

Self-guided Home Therapeutic Program

You are provided tools for virtual physical therapy and can discuss the impact pain has on your life with a licensed therapist.  Our COR Spine Team believes pain management doesn't stop with an injection or prescription.  Our multi-modal approach continues to support you even after leaving COR Spine & Pain Center. 

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