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Back Express Walk-In Clinic

Welcome to COR Spine's Monday (from 8am - 3pm) Walk-In Pain Clinic!  New Patients are encouraged!  A referral is not necessary from another physician.  Your insurance will be checked at the time of your visit, but we also accept cash payments for your visit.  Select insurances may require prior referral authorization.  You can expect most of the same services that are available during a scheduled appointment with Jen Simonds DNP.  Sometimes, back, neck and joint pain demand attention.  We're here to help work with your individual circumstance.

On-site Spine & Joint Imaging

Our imaging systems are the latest, digital, highest quality available, done immediately on-site during your walk-in visit. You will see and receive explanations of your findings within minutes.  

Injection Technology

You can expect the same state of the art injection technology used during scheduled appointment. Our fluoroscope, or C-arm, is located within our office close to exam rooms, offering immediate access and the most accurate approach to you pain management.

Mindfulness Assessment & Program

Helping your body to unlearn responses associated with pain.  Through a customized guided meditation program the use of pain medication can be reduced by 14% in 5-weeks.  Your program assessments are then then used By Dr. Bruce Witmer and his team to create an integrative pain control plan.

Medication Review & Prescribing

Bring a list of your current medications so we can review your prescriptions being used for your pain management.

New medications may be prescribed during your Back Express Clinic visit depending on your examination.

Therapy Referral

Our integrative approach to pain control care goes beyond medications and injections.  Sometimes our bodies need some help remembering how to move or needs to build strength.  Physical therapy is an integral component to help relieve chronic pain.

Self-Guided Home Therapeutic Program

You are provided tools for virtual physical therapy and can discuss the impact pain has on your life with a licensed therapist.  If you are self-motivated and prefer to work on your pain management at home, our multi-modal approach continues to support you even after leaving COR Spine & Pain Center. 

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